Why another job site?

Creating Headhunted was driven by two things:

1. Lack of quality in the current space

The quality of current job sites for tech in Australia is sub-standard. We believe there's an opportunity to create something more useful.

2. Exposure for Innovative Companies

There are a lot of innovative companies in Australia across a variety of sectors such as AgTech, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, E-learning, Fintech, Robotics, Space and Virtual Reality. We want people to be aware of what's going on in the Australian ecosystem.

By working with companies to centralise this information, we believe that we can be the best place to discover tech jobs in Australia that are the right match for you.

The Goal

Simplify searching for your next job

Headhunted wants to make finding a tech job that matches your skills and lifestyle easier. Do you have a new family and want a job that's 9-5 with flexibility? Perhaps you're looking for opportunities that demand a niche technology skillset.

Highlight innovative tech companies

Did you know we have startups in the satellite industry in South Australia? How about a quantum computing startup in Sydney or a block-chain based power company in Perth? There are literally hundreds of these tech companies and we want to let you know what they're up to.

Demystify the job application process

Know who you're working for, their company culture and a clear understanding of their interview process.

The Ethos


We aim to keep the details of how our site operates as public as possible.


You can search all jobs on the site without logging in. If you wish, you can set up email alerts by creating an account. This email address will only be used to send you notifications of new job matches.


I aim to limit who your data is shared with. We currently use what we believe to best the least evil of the analytics platforms - Plausible. Currently we use their cloud platform and will moving to self-hosting this service soon.