SNOOPER is a crowdsourcing platform that collects real-time point of sale data analytics for brands by connecting with shoppers through an app.

We are an early stage but fast growing start-up already helping some of the biggest companies in the world - Unilever, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Caltex, Frucor (V Energy), Pernod Ricard (Absolute Vodka) and many others – get real-time point of sale data analytics.

We are turning marketing and sales into a science, not just an art. We are making retail data available to any business, by combining the power of mobile technologies with the power of the crowd. Our mission is to change the way businesses work and take marketing and sales decisions, by opening a door to a new wealth of knowledge at the lowest cost.

Brands and retailers can finally see through the eyes of their customers, hear their thoughts, live their experiences in just a few clicks and take data driven actions to improve their execution in store.