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Octopus Deploy is the most popular deployment automation tool in the world. Our software is used by teams to deploy .NET, Java, Node, and database applications, to hundreds and thousands of servers in the cloud and on-premises. We are exciting and innovative business and have been named #3 in the BRW Fast 100 the past three years. We have over 20,000 customers around the world including, ASOS, NASA, Commonwealth Bank, CISCO and 25 of the Fortune 100. At Octopus Deploy, we have built a sustainable business focused on building a world-class team who works together and looks after each other. We believe this inevitably leads to world-class products, with unrivalled support and customer service. Through our experience, we've come to value: - Listening to our customers, over following market trends - Helping each other, over being efficient individual contributors - Doing the right thing by our customers, over short-term revenue - High quality work, over arbitrary deadlines.

Our mission is to be a trusted global money provider for businesses and individuals, by combining the best of digital experience with a human touch. We solve for the complexity and anxiety of moving money, enabling better decisions and real savings every day. We know that moving money feeds dreams, powers businesses and supports families, so we're making it simple; with great exchange rates, flexible transfer options, and specialists available 24/7. So, whether you need to pay international suppliers or overseas staff, set a transfer date or protect against moving currency markets, you can manage all your currency needs in one place with OFX.
Osmoflo is a progressive water treatment company that provides tailored, turn-key water and water recycle/reuse solutions across the industrial, resources and municipal sectors globally. Osmoflo is the largest Australian based designer and builder of desalination projects, with offices also located in the Middle East, South America and India. Water is life and every day Osmoflo's water treatment systems are vital to the well being of thousands of people around the world. Having delivered over 450 projects since 1991, as well as operating and maintaining around 100 desalination plants on behalf of clients around the globe, Osmoflo is known for providing successful, high technology water solutions. A complete project solution from inception to operation is supported by technical expertise as well as the spare parts, consumables and chemicals needed to keep your plant fully operational.
At PageUp, we’re passionate about connecting people to great careers. Our powerful platform optimises each step of the talent management lifecycle – so everyone can reach their full potential. PageUp Talent Management software enhances HR processes with technology that HR professionals, people leaders and employees love to use. From recruitment and onboarding, through learning, into performance, and right up to best-practice succession planning, all backed up by platform-wide analytics.

Braddon, ACT

Penten is a Canberra, Australia based cyber security company focused on innovation in secure mobility, cyber deception and cyber engineering services. Penten’s AltoCrypt family of secure mobility solutions are enabling mobile secure access to classified information for government, Penten’s employs machine learning to create realistic decoys to detect and track sophisticated cyber adversaries. Penten was named Australian Business of the Year at the 2018 Telstra Business Awards.
Applying Predictive Analytics to online surveys. Predikkta is the latest solution in optimizing unpaid and paid search results. We have uniquely applied Predictive Analytics to a web-based survey platform to analyse Click-Through Behaviour. Predikkta Survey Tools allow you to test millions of Advertisement permutations and variations in one survey and then provides you the best outcome, to maximize people clicking through to your website. At this moment the Survey Tool is able to optimize organic and paid search results from Google. In the near future our range of products will also include optimizing Facebook and LinkedIn Advertising.
Helping organisations achieve more with technology. We partner with our clients to support their business objectives, using proven business technologies to drive efficiency, solve problems and fuel growth. Our difference is getting things done. With fresh insights and the confidence to challenge the status quo, we help companies improve business processes and streamline operations. We focus on the technologies and services, freeing you to do the work that you know best. With a global reach, we have been delivering successful solutions for 30 years. Hundreds of clients around the world have benefited from our team’s combined experience and collaborative approach. Talk to us about what you want to achieve. Australia: Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth. USA: Offices in Fargo, North Dakota and Denver, Colorado www.

Surry Hills, NSW

Propeller is a global leader in 3D mapping and data analytics solutions that give worksites the power to measure and manage themselves, with visual tools that everyone can use from any device, anywhere, anytime. Heavy civil and resources operations trust Propeller to help teams work together better to understand how fast they’re working, how much they’ve done, and if they’re on budget. Track, inspect, and report on job progress and productivity safely and accurately, with the platform that shows you where you are and where you’re headed. Propeller is comprised of tight-knit, decentralized teams. Our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. We’re 100% about impact, and 0% about ego. We’re 5/5 on Glassdoor and, according to our Culture Amp survey, 100% of people here would recommend us as a great place to work.


The world is witnessing the dawn of a new industry. We’ll help you take control of your quantum future. Embracing the importance of control theory was integral to making flight a reality. Fast forward over 100 years and, once again, control is the linchpin of an emerging industry. Quantum technology, harnessing the strangeness of quantum physics as a resource, will be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th. We help you perform like you have an expert team of quantum control engineers without having to build your own. Our tools give you the ability to design and deploy the most effective controls to suppress errors in your quantum hardware, accelerating your roadmap to functional systems. Our lab-validated solutions can be applied across multiple industries, from quantum computing to defense and aerospace.
QuantumIT is an independent software company delivering better business outcomes through smart solutions. Our consulting services include Data Migration, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Application Development. Our award-winning products include InPlace and InPlace Network, the world’s smartest integrated learning placement solutions for universities and organisations. Founded in 1992, QuantumIT is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Sydney, London and Colorado, USA. We do what others can't. We are QuantumIT - People | Solutions | Outcomes. To find out more visit
Quick Safety – the app electricians use to save time & money by complying with Electrical Safety Certificates requirements and are kept informed of safety regulations in real time. Now there is a digital solution for electricians to use to fully comply with the Electrical safety testing and compliance regulations – Quick Safety. As well, electricians are kept up to date with regulation alerts and changes in real-time via the Quick Safety App.

Surry Hills, New South Wales

Qwilr is reimagining the way you communicate with your clients. We help you make beautiful, intuitive sales and marketing documents that look impressive and integrate seamlessly with your business. Whether it’s creating an impressive brochure about your business, a compelling proposal to win the job you want, or a report reflecting on the work you’ve done, we’ll help you communicate your best professional self to your clients. Driven by a team tied together by intellectual curiosity and a passion for creating, Qwilr’s mission is to build the most effective way to communicate on the web—simply, creatively and efficiently.

Carlsbad, CA is The United States'​ newest real estate agent ratings and statistics website. It provides recommendations, rankings and reviews for real estate agents in the USA. For people active in the US property market, the real estate sector is incredibly cryptic and difficult to research. Ironic considering that buying/selling a property is one of the biggest transactions most people will make in their lifetimes. provides a platform where property buyers and sellers can freely consider the feedback and experiences of others, combined with facts and statistics demonstrating real estate agent’s performance across a number of key measures. Sellers rely on when searching for, shortlisting, and ultimately engaging the right agent to sell their property.

Sydney, New South Wales

We are RateSetter, one of the world's largest peer-to-peer lenders. We have worked hard over the past five years to democratise lending with the aim of helping all Australians do more with less. We have made some great strides over the past 5 years - reaching $750million in lending, hitting over 100 people, growing at 100% year on year - and we're barely getting started. We believe the financial system has become bloated and inefficient, and are leveraging technology and data to give value - and power - back to the consumer.

Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

At Red Piranha, we came up with a simple concept: an all-inclusive threat protection solution, that works. Recruiting a team of experts from all corners of the globe – from Academics to Engineers and Ethical hackers – we worked tirelessly to develop what we think, is the most comprehensive and effective security product on the market. In 2015 we incorporated the threat intelligence platform ‘’ into our ‘Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management’ system - a custom suite of software solutions that can be implemented on Red Piranha hardware. We also manufacture our own made-to-order hardware for the Crystal Eye product range, ensuring top-tier technology and strict quality control. The result? A complex ecosystem of threat management tools that ensure total protection – from prevention and detection to advanced threat intelligence.
Redbubble begins with over 700,000 independent artists. A global community of creatives making everyday products weirdly meaningful. A shirt with an evil cat. A phone case with a galloping donut. Whatever your thing, Redbubble has uncommon designs that smack you right in the heart. We’re passionate, imaginative, and a bit offbeat. An inspired mix that’s helped us consistently grow revenues since 2006. We work in Melbourne, San Francisco, and Berlin. And. We take our values seriously. We work hard to build open minded, open hearted teams. Teams who reflect a diversity of experience, identity, perspective, and background. Bringing more creativity into the world? It takes all the crayons in the box. Differences that help us create a healthy work culture and more engaging marketplace for our artists and customers.

Sydney, NSW

About Rezdy: Rezdy is the world’s leading independent SaaS booking and distribution platform for tours and activities. Launched in 2011, Rezdy was started when founder Simon worked in a dive centre in Thailand, and found himself spending more time behind a desk handling customer bookings and admin than out in the water sharing his love of diving with clients. With a previous background in IT, Simon set out to solve his own problem, and in doing so discovered a gap in the market. He had a vision to help people like him at that point to get more bookings and grow their business with less effort, empowering them to get back to doing what they love. Today, Rezdy has headquarters Sydney, Australia with two support offices in Las Vegas and Raleigh U.S.A. Rezdy is proud to work with thousands of tour and activity operators and agents of all sizes in over 100 countries to help them get more bookings and grow their business, with over $1.

Southbank, Victoria

ROLLER is a leading all-in-one software suite for attractions, entertainment and leisure venues. ROLLER’s mission is to help venues manage their operations and improve the customer experience through its innovative market leading modules. Comprised of Ticketing, Point-of-Sale, CRM, Waivers, Gift Cards, Email, Entry Management, Checkouts and more, ROLLER offers venues a whole-of-business solution to help them grow. ROLLER is a modern cloud-based offering with thousands of users across 18 countries. ROLLER is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has regional offices in London, UK and Los Angeles, CA. ROLLER partners with many of the most dynamic brands across multiple industries including trampoline parks, amusement parks and attractions. For more information about ROLLER, visit: www.roller.
SafetyCulture is a customer and product-driven company with an ambitious mission: empower front line workers to drive operational excellence and take ownership of their safety and wellbeing. The company started in Townsville, our HQ is in Sydney, and we have offices in Kansas City, Manchester and Manila. Our first product, iAuditor, is a mobile platform that helps teams around the world carry out inspections and spot issues quickly and easily. The knock-on effects are huge: by surfacing exactly what matters, people in teams can act to improve their business, raising their game, again and again. From boutique hotels to space exploration companies, millions are discovering the positive impact iAuditor can have on their teams and performance everyday. Today there are 25,000 companies that pay for our products, carrying out millions of inspections per month.
SEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses. SEEK operates across 19 countries with exposure to over 4 billion people, making a positive contribution to people’s lives on a global scale. SEEK is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, where it is a top 50 company and has been listed in the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies Globally by Forbes, and Number One in Australia. For 17 years SEEK has been an integral part of the job-search process, and as the country’s leading employment marketplace, is uniquely positioned to empower individuals with career, education and volunteer opportunities to create productive and fulfilling working lives.
Sendle helps small business thrive by making delivery simple, reliable and affordable. Our vision is for a world bustling with creativity and entrepreneurialism, where the friction of physical delivery has been removed so that the best ideas win and small businesses flourish. We are a fast-growing, multi-award-winning startup. Want to work at Sendle? We look for amazing people who represent our core values, called the 5 H's. Learn all about them and our current job openings on our website or simply drop us a line at

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Our leadership team’s founding vision rested on a simple idea when they started our business in early 2008 – that talented technologists matter. Across the industry, technology teams were seen as failing to deliver business value and agility. We believed talented technologists focusing on delivering business initiatives were key to delivering lasting competitive advantage for our customers. Today we have over 500 team members following this vision across our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Bengaluru, London and across New Zealand. We are a consultant led organisation and by hiring the best talent in the market, we provide the best to our customers. Our consultants are selected against carefully set criteria to ensure strong communication skills and the ability to solve challenging, multi-dimensional problems.

Sydney, New South Wales

Powering delivery for Australia’s leading retailers including Sephora, General Pants, Harvey Norman and Kathmandu, Shippit is a powerful shipping engine for modern retailers that saves time, money and removes friction in the delivery process. Shippit’s mission is to revolutionise how we send anything, to anyone, anywhere. We believe in a future where logistics infrastructure is connected through our technology to reduce waste and provide delightful delivery experiences. We’re on a mission that needs the right humans to help make ship happen. Our 7 core values haven’t changed since launch, and we embrace and celebrate these values in our day-to-day. We love to push the envelope to break though old norms, make good sh**t taking passion and pride in our work, have a laugh through the good and challenging times and, we are good humans - we have heart and want to improve the world we live in whilst having fun along the way.
Go to the app: We provide a completely new way to invest in the stock market, we make it easy, understandable and enjoyable. We do this by visualising companies. The most daunting aspect first-time investors face when entering the market can be choosing the most appropriate stock to buy, particularly if the user is unfamiliar with complex tables and dense financial reports. Simply Wall St sought to address this by presenting stock data in a new, visual format, one that can be easily appreciated by the new investor and veterans alike. The result is the Snowflake, a graphical interpretation of live stock data, which with once glance provides insight into the most relevant aspects of the investment. The company is backed by AWI Ventures, a Sydney-based accelerator program focused on financial applications and systems.

Sydney, NSW

In an age of rising choice and accessibility for curious travellers, SiteMinder exists to liberate hoteliers with technology that makes a world of difference. We are the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, ranked among technology pioneers for our smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are, at every stage of their journey. It’s this central role that has earned us the trust of more than 35,000 hotels, across 160 countries, to generate in excess of 87 million reservations worth over US$28 billion in revenue for hotels each year.