Melbourne, Victoria

GreenSync is a global energy-tech company, connecting millions of energy resources to create more dynamic grids.

Taking our learnings from Australia and the Asia Pacific, today we help transform businesses and markets globally.

From our beginnings in automation and control. Today, GreenSync is an energy-tech company that is pushing the boundaries towards more flexible and decentralised grids, keeping grids stable and efficient whilst absorbing more renewable energy.

Our pioneering approach, and a proven record of pre-empting shifts before they happen keeps our clients and partners ahead of the curve.

Utilising a proprietary full stack platform built entirely in-house, GreenSync products combine specialised functionality with seamless reliability.

We are enabling new markets by facilitating peer-to-peer and micro markets as well as large scale trading through our platform. GreenSync helps you buy, sell and store energy in the most efficient way possible.

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