Medius Health

Sydney, NSW

Medius is redesigning the future of healthcare with an ambitious goal of making consumers the CEO of their own health and delivering the most optimal healthcare in the hands of everyone in the world.

Medius has developed a personal health assistant, Quro, powered by AI & trained by doctors and built by data scientists to help self-triage the patients to the right level of care.

Just like a sympathetic human doctor, Medius conversational bot chats with the patient to understand their complete health profile and current complaints to determine the possible causes of their symptoms, and recommends the most appropriate course of action.

In addition, Medius helps the patient to undertake that course of action; and assist them through the often complex activities that take place post doctor consultation to accelerate the recovery process.

Last but not the least, our vision is backed by one of the finest coveted Australian VCs.

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