Software Engineers (2 Openings)

February 18


Melbourne, AU

The opportunity

Get in on the ground floor of a venture-backed startup with real traction. We are seeking for 2 software engineers (any level and interests) to help build serious tech for our global-scale experiences platform. Working directly with the founding team and technical leader, you’ll have high impact and involvement in the direction and execution of our ambitious technical roadmap.

About AmazingCo

AmazingCo is a managed marketplace for experiences. We help our customers discover unique and amazing experiences for everyday activities and special occasions. Our mission is to help people live more fulfilling lives through time better spent.

From our founding team to the newest members, we’ve all personally seen the positive impact of time better spent with friends, family and colleagues. Today, we consciously and responsibly focus our entire business on making this happen for others. 

We do this by designing and delivering our own exclusive experiences which our customers discover through our purpose built platform. A platform that also not only enables, but empowers our experiences providers to ensure seamless experience delivery that delights. In our business, customer and provider experience is king.

We are the first global-scale experiences business taking a new approach to leisure time and how people spend their everyday. A high growth, venture capital backed, technology and data focused consumer company based in Melbourne, Australia - and we’re ready to take our vision to the world!

About Us, Technically

  • Build, Measure, Learn

  • Metrics & Data Driven Decision

  • Technology agnostic

  • Pick the right tools for the right project

  • Failure Driven Development

  • Cloud first approach - AWS / Azure / Google Cloud preferred

  • Global & Multi-region technology stacks

  • Container: Docker - Kubernates / ECS

  • Automation / CI/CD / Infrastructure as Code /  Buildkite

  • Modern Architecture, SOA / microservices / Event-Driven Architecture

  • SNS / SQS / Kinesis / Messaging queue all the way

  • Function as a Service (Lambda)

  • Mobile first approach

  • Modern programming languages:

  •     - PHP

  •     - .Net Core 2.x / C#

  •     - JavaScript / Node JS / >ES6 / Typescript

  •     - Go lang

  • - Python.

  •     - React / React Native / Angular 4

  • SQL & NoSQL:

  •     - MongoDB / Amazon DocumentDB

  •     - DynamoDB

  •     - PostgreSQL/MySQL/Aurora

  • Elastic Search

  • Redis

Job Description

We’re looking for 2 software engineers (any level and interest) to join our team. You’ll work directly alongside awesome technical team members and co-founders on both consumer apps, core internal systems and more. 


What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Assist with the planning and scoping of the digital roadmap

  • Support the business on process improvements to core systems

  • Potential to work across entire stack from front end to back end to Infrastructure and DevOps, or whatever fancies your interest

  • Drive the evolution of the tech stack with the lead dev and work on some exciting projects (we're talking machine learning, recommendations & natural language in the future)

  • Having an awesome time with an awesome team!


About You, Technically:

  • Excited about tech and constantly learning new stuff (ALWAYS!)

  • Have an open mind about the technology and its trade-offs

  • Strong programming skills in any of the modern programming language

  • Proficiency in the cloud technology and architecture

  • Sufficient DevOps skills, understanding what Automation, CI/CD and Infrastructure is and why it is important

  • Able to take on multiple roles in your stride, maybe a T-shaped engineer

About You, Personally:

  • Above all else, passion and drive to build world-class digital products

  • Believe that teamwork makes the dream work

  • Ability to have fun and contribute to a vibrant working environment

  • Willing to step up when required

  • Not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try some new stuff

  • Strong problem-solving skills


Front-end Focus

More about you:

  • Solid knowledge in any of the modern front-end frameworks (Angular, React or Vue)

  • SCSS / CSS Modules / Styled Components

  • Reactive Programming / RX / Observable

  • Failure Driven Development

  • CI-CD, Automation & Test: Mocha, Chai, Jest

  • A/B Testing

  • Caching

  • Modern front-end architecture

  • TeleMetrics

  • Mobile & Offline first approach

  • Auth & Securing your apps

  • Functional programming experience is a bonus

  • GraphQL experience is a bonus

  • React native experience is a bonus

Back-end Focus

More about you:

  • Solid knowledge in any of the modern programming language (PHP, Javascript, Go Lang or C#)

  • Strong knowledge in parallel/concurrency programming patterns

  • A/B Testing

  • SOLID principle

  • Experience with cloud technology and architectures

  • Knowledge in DevOps, CI-CD, Automation

  • Failure Driven Development

  • Modern architecture, SOA and microservices

  • Messaging Queue

  • Experience with multi-region services

  • CQRS

  • SQL & NoSQL

  • Unix experience is a bonus

  • Elastic Search

  • Redis experience is a bonus

  • Functional programming experience is a bonus

  • GraphQL experience is a bonus

  • Data Science & Machine learning experience is a bonus


  • Attractive salary, based on experience

  • Play a key role in the foundational technology team building a global consumer brand

  • Trialing new technologies on new small-scale isolated services/projects

  • Tech knowledge sharing session on Friday

  • Options to work from home 

  • Work alongside experienced co-founders with existing success in building and growing startups in Australia

  • Work on a roadmap that includes seriously exciting disruptive and emerging technologies

  • Work in a business that seriously cares about culture and improving the experiences of our customers

  • Big mission, real meaning, real people doing their life’s work

  • Converted warehouse (dog friendly!) office space in Abbotsford complete with height adjustable desk. Close to trains, trams, great coffee and more

  • We are an experience business and we test everything! Enjoy frequent team wide experiences and staff discounts across our portfolio

  • Wind the week down with a beer, wine of non-alcoholic refreshment on Fridays. We bring a family attitude to work and all contribute to building our culture

  • Work in a business that seriously cares about culture and improving the experiences of our customers

  • Opportunity for serious growth. We’re not kidding, we have seriously ambitious plans and are so excited to find the next brilliant mind to join us. You bring your energy and we’ll pay it back in spades. Our people are everything.


We are super excited about what we are building and can’t wait to find the perfect next fit for our growing team. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you!