Camp Managers

June 07

Code Camp

Woolloomooloo, NSW

Camp Managers

  • Must have a Teaching/Education Degree
  • First Aid certification (including asthma and anaphylaxis)
  • Able to motivate a team of 10+ staff
  • Comfortable in dealing with parents and kids, highly organised and enthusiastic
  • Coding knowledge is not required for this role
What to expect

The Camp Manager is the main contact for parents. If a parent has any issues or concerns during the week they will approach you first.

  • The Camp Manager is in charge of first aid
  • Responsible for morning and afternoon sign in/out at drop off and pick up
  • Organise the weekly staff playground roster

Camp Manager may be called on by a class Teacher to assist during the day. The Teacher may require assistance with a poorly behaved child, an ill child, a child that needs to go to the bathroom and a wide variety of other issues.