Security Engineering Manager, Automation, Triage and Compliance

May 05


Sydney NSW Australia

There's no such thing as a "safe system" - only safer systems. Our Security team works to create and maintain the safest operating environment for Google's users and developers. As a Security Engineer, you help protect network boundaries, keep computer systems and network devices hardened against attacks and provide security services to protect highly sensitive data like passwords and customer information. Security Engineers work hands-on with network equipment and actively monitor our systems for attacks and intrusions. You also work with software engineers to proactively identify and fix security flaws and vulnerabilities.

You are a recognized expert in at least two security domains and use your leadership skills to manage a team that sets the direction and goals for solving Google-wide problems. You identify fundamental security problems at Google and drives major security improvements in Google infrastructure.

The Automation, Triage & Compliance (ATC) team is responsible for operating high volume processes throughout Google’s Security and Privacy organization. As we operate these processes, we seek to automate and simplify them. As a Security Engineering Manager, you will help the team meet its technical and operational objectives, quickly grow team members in their careers, and enable personal growth. ATC is where we incubate the world’s next generation of security engineering talent. You will also have the opportunity to have an impact on the future of our field.

At Google, our users come first, and the Systems Infrastructure team is at the heart of that promise. We build the technologies that transform the way we think about doing business. Whether working on our cloud systems, researching the latest in computer technology or keeping Google's internal systems humming, Googlers and users alike rely on us to keep things running. We're back-end experts: protecting your privacy and ensuring your security.